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"Be free of, Chu-tien, you return to first."The green wood says.
Chu-tien****After leaving, green wood as if deep in thought the ground say:"Originally Chu-tien wants to become pianist in the future."
"No wonder that ……I have been feeling, he has a little very strange, originally that is the artist's qualities."The Zuo wild beautiful generation says.
"Mess!Just and too late give° the salary up to today him.Calculate, lead for a while again say, Chu-tien should come to store again inside of."The green wood says.
"The store is long, so, tomorrow afternoon I have no lesson, rather I send his school good.At the right moment I also want to see my cousin."
"It is all right.Thousand leaves, and then be bothering you."
"It Be free."Thousand leaves smiled to shake to shake head.
The second world noon is many at 3:00, bus in thousand leaves, walk into the campus of the English and the high school.
She arrives at first three classes of outsides in the classroom for three years, at this time exactly break, person, Gao Ma Da Dun, of and the Chuan show a to sit upright at most in the last table of one row, pull west to pull with a classmate in the very happy ground east.Because he at this time just right noodles toward the hallway, so, right away saw her.Thousand leaves smiled to recruit to beckon with the hand to him.
And the Chuan show a to walk to her in front and puzzle that the ground looking at her:" Tree, how did you come again?"
"Show a, you are this words how to says?I come to see you, don't is all right?"
And the Chuan show a to stare at her:"You can't again is come to seek Chu-tien to fix of?"
"Certainly also want to seek him."
"Is really sad, the female show having never thoughting our household just also cans not helps following custom ……his boy like that, will affect a show ground to sit to put before piano cool play handsome, exactly have what good?"
"Show a, did you where thought of to go to?Because Chu-tien was already an examinee, he just resigned the work that the sound was like a store, I was subjected to a store long of give, got salary for his generation, want to hand over to him now."Thousand leaves are from the schoolbag in take out a paper bag, pass to and the Chuan show a, " I also just got salary and bought the piece adidas card that you liked most for you to exercise T-shirt, be together reached inside, still the fee Ge once wore while advertising of the style."
"All be not.Should be a thunder Ze the cover is especially.You are really a football blind."And the Chuan show a wreathed in smiles ground of answered, " I said, be still tree to I had better."
"Also only in this kind of time, you would say that I am a good cousin ……to, show a, I was very quick and then dided not is like a store to do a part-time job in that sound, because I want to help to fasten in a work that professor studies aspect."
"Too good."
"What too good?"Thousand leaf, Mo Ming,ses wonderfully ask.
"In fine, is too good."And the Chuan show a to wish, from now and then, thousand leaves and Chu-tien fixing all not too may have what life handed over to gather, is also say, that bore guy and oneself nearby of the person pull the possibility of last relation to now gradually decrease to zero.Really congratulate.
"Like, I should seek Chu-tien.The ―― shows a, you would not° until a little bit more earnest go and was like an uncle to say last time of, till next year spring, also want to enter an university of elephant kind at least?"
"Know, really bothersome ……frankly speaking, I sometimes really don't hope that I has a cousin who so will study.Words like that, my father mother can't always say in front of me, the tree is a girls can pass examination the east is big, you why can not?Say I the heads are all big.You also know that east greatly to me, absolutely is a moon on the sky, can want."
"Why must read east greatly?Show a, study at athletics university,cheap beats by dre, in the future is athletics teacher and coach or judge, also very good."
"I also think like this.After all, I return to calculate to relatively have confidence to own sport talent."And the Chuan show a to say with smile.
Always chapter 70

"Sawed again, showed a."
Thousand leaves smile and and the Chuan show a to take leave and walk to a class of classroom outside.Inside in a class of classroom, at this time just sparse pull ground to sit ten students, Chu-tien's fixing isn't therein either.
She walked into and asked a girl.That girl tells her, Chu-tien's fixing is very likely to be at this time practice piano is in the music room.Thousand leaves wish and see thus, she today should very likely can within hearing Chu-tien fix of give musical performance, really is too good.
She arrives at the comprehensive movable mansion of English and high school, along the stairs ascended the third floor.The beginning heard a musical sound around around unclearly while once wearing long long hallway.She puts to slowly put light step, walk to the outside in the classroom that spreads a musical sound, from the door sew in saw that playing the piano of the person's side shadow.That is very 1 to seem the calmness pare a thin side shadow very much, that high hand cleverly turns over to fly on the black and white key.Calmed down and moved delivers an a certain and the most unimaginable and pretty much natural harmonious pleasant impression.
Although early know that he will play the piano, however, thousand leaf Chu-tien that once saw be like a silent work in the store in the sound fixs, now the was full of art qualities of, the piano give musical performance very and well-learned Chu-tien of technique fixs, she is still a first sight.
And the tone color of that song, also floating must almost want to stop flutter her heart.
19 in the last yearses, she and the contact of the most intimate music also however is to occasionally listen to pop song or melody, she has never thought real life in will someone play so wonderful song, just like sounds of nature general, even listen to her persons who don't have art cell like Chi if inebriate.Is from birth, she for the first time real meaning up realized the United States of music.
At last, a song's Chu-tien fixs right away a side to lead a face, dynasty she saw come over.
Thousand leaves suddenly remembered his/her own purpose at this time, the favour drew back falsely the door of Yan and walked into:"Chu-tien, you play really goodly."
Chu-tien fixs some surprisedly looking at her:"Do you how can come here?"
"I am to be subjected to a store long give, deliver your salary.The ―― has never thought to hear a so wonderful song."Thousand leaves are from the schoolbag in take out an envelope and pass to him.
Chu-tien fixed to answer and very literally put in the piano to cover:"Thank."
"Need not, little effort just.―― I at the right moment also want to come to see my cousin."Thousand leaves hesitated for a while, " to, Chu-tien, don't you count?"
"Need not."
"I feel that or count better."
"You ……I say need not need not."
Thousand leaves see him is like some animations of appearance, the favour turned to open a topic:"Just what song is that ?It is really good to listen."
"Have not you listenned to before?That is a pay an easy piano essay."
Thousand leaf face ascend a red:"I naturally nothing important art cell, have never learned as well in childhood what musical instrument ……19 years old before all steeped with basketball together, so, to melody what of can say is know not a thing.However, I feel, you play really very goodly."
Chu-tien fixs to looking at her:"So, you see worthy of a lookly of, also only have to exercise a boy just, BE?"
Thousand leaves' one Zhengs:"Have no this time a matter, just all of what I got in touch with is sport the boy is just.The person whom I know in, being like Chu-tien so will play the having no of piano the second ……your mother can say that again, you this hands go for piano but livinging of, definitely being good friends with a good protection just.""We together the work should have half year?"Chu-tien fixs silent a short moment, suddenly ask.
Thousand leaves ordered to nod:"Yes, from April to now, is there is half year."
"I think that we hereafter probably can't meet again.If you the words that really like, I want to play a song sends to you."
Thousand leaves happily say:"Too good.In the future Chu-tien if the words of , probably can also be still hearing in music hall your give musical performance.However, at that time you the absolutely impossible meeting is my individual but give musical performance, so, I am really happy."
"You ……have no necessity so excited.To me, be like in the practice, no big deal."Chu-tien fixs to say.
"Although the words are such, I am still very happy."
Chu-tien fixs to have no again say what, just put hands lightly on the keyboard, start playing melody.
That is a song that expresses feelings very much.Although thousand leaves are completely ignorant at music, however, her power of memory best, very quick listen to one that is that she once was like to once listen to in store in the sound of the piano edition of English song 《Stand By Me 》 .
She stands by the side of the piano to listen to quietly.In the musical sound, she imitate a Buddha and returned to childhood, the night in a certain summer, her parents take she takes a walk in the seaside, the moonlight is like water, the tides beginning rises ……but, at present, her parents have already divorced Related articles: